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G-Force Eliminator Trolling Motor Prop Nut All Motor Guide
Eliminator Trolling Motor Prop Nut

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Designed to lessen prop noise and vibration, The ELIMINATOR™ Prop Nut stabilizes the prop by providing a larger contact point. In addition, it acts as a heat sink and has built-in cooling ports that reduce the operating temperature for longer battery and trolling motor life.

Made to fit most Minn Kota and Motorguide trolling motors. Comes in an assortment of colors to provide a sleek, matching aesthetic.

Make sure that you're getting the most out of your trolling motor with the the ELIMINATOR™ Prop Nut.

Please Note:
- Will not work with Kipawa and Hydrilla Hacker Props.
- Minn Kota nut available in two sizes - one for 80lb thrust and above, one for below 80lb thrust.
- GFEL-MK- models fit Minn Kota 80,101 and 112 models.
- GFEL-MKS- models fit Minn Kota 30 thru 75.

Key Eliminator Benefits:

- Machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum
- O-ring dampens noise/vibration and secures nut
- Wider contact area for a more stable prop
- Cooling ports aid in heat dissipation
- Anodized protected
- No tools needed
- Available in popular colors
- Visually appealing
- Designed and made in the U.S.A.
- Patented

Actual finishes may vary due to anodizing process

Will not work with Kipawa or Hydrilla Hacker props

Review by Wired2Fish
  • T-H Marine G-Force Eliminator Tackle ReviewT-H Marine G-Force ELIMINATOR for Minn Kota in Red

    T-H Marine G-Force Eliminator Tackle Review

    This handy aftermarket prop nut secures the prop and quiets the trolling motor. Forged out of billet aluminum with an anodized paint process, the Eliminator is easy to install and looks great too.

    Hard to imagine that a weird conical shaped piece of billet aluminum could be so beneficial to an already very quiet trolling motor, but the T-H Marine G-Force Eliminator Trolling Motor Prop Nut does just that.

    I have been using the Minn Kota Fortrex for the last few years, and didn’t notice it being noisy. Matter of fact, I hadn’t even noticed it made noise at all. The usual pro wash sound maybe but no rattles or clicking or rubbing noises were ever heard.

    To my old ears it seemed super quiet, but I was totally amazed when I added the T-H Marine G-Force ELIMINATOR Prop Nut the first time. So much so it caused me to question if the trolling motor was running the first time I dropped it in the water. The sounds I guess I was used to hearing were gone and the stealth had just gotten stealthier.

    A quiet trolling motor is a big plus on spooky, shallow-water fish, and the Fortrex in concert with the Eliminator Prop Nut “eliminated” a variable I didn’t even know existed.

    Designed to lessen trolling motor prop noise and vibration, the Eliminator stabilizes with a larger contact point to make it deafly quiet. Although great care is taken by Minn Kota on their trolling motor props during manufacturing, they are made of plastic and can be less than perfect. They also flex after repeated pressure of pulling a heavy boat. The Eliminator takes out that small degree of variability and locks it in making the prop and motor seem as a single unit.

    The side benefit to the conical shape with cooling ports is it pulls heat away from the motor and actually should lengthen the life of the trolling motor as a result. Both the trolling motor and the batteries become more efficient, and it gives the batteries extra life too.

    The benefits of the G-Force ELIMINATOR include:

    • Easy to install-no tools needed
    • Less wear and tear on trolling motor and batteries
    • Reasonably priced at $44.99
    • Durable-built from 6061 grade Billet Aluminum with anodized paint process.
    • Comes in multiple colors
    • Gives the trolling motor and prop a single unit feel

    The secret to the Eliminator is a specific durometer O-ring that dampens the sound but also secures the nut when tightened. It actually absorbs some of the noise. A snug fit when hand-tightened seems to make the whole foot of the trolling motor even more solid.

    A side benefit I have noticed too is the wash created by the prop now pushes even more water and weeds away from the prop in a cyclone fashion behind it. It seems the cone design of the Eliminator increases the efficiency of the prop.

    It is easy to install and takes no tools once the original nut and washer are removed and makes it easy to check behind the prop for line and debris too.

    Besides its functionality is makes the prop more eye appealing too. It is available in 4 colors; black, blue, red and silver and if you are like me it has to complement both the boat and truck color schemes. Just about everyone who walks up to my boat comments on it, and since I put one on several months ago, I have seen more and more of them at my local tournaments too. I recommend them.

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