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Pitbull Tackle Cutter
Pitbull Tackle Cutter

Our Price: $19.99


For Cutting Braided Fishing Line

"Cuts braided line with a precision of a surgeon and the strength of a pitbull," is what the packaging of the Pitbull Tackle Cutter braid cutting tool reads. Despite being a bit cheesy, the cutters themselves are in fact, the only pair of braid scissors, cutters or other specialized tools that cuts braided line with this level of precision. Actually, that's not entirely true - there is one comparable product, the Buck Knives Saltwater Splizzors which retail for $210. With a price tag 90% below the closest rival, the Pitbull Cutters are ready to become the only braided line scissor you'll ever need.

Many anglers see a any regular pair of line cutting scissors and assume they'll do just fine, but that's not the case. The line slips, frays, bends - but no way does it cut without the user putting tension on BOTH sides of the line and even then the cut is not precise. The Pitbull Tackle Cutter require no line tension, cut completely clean through any braided line and will not slip even slightly. With these handy braided line cutters you'll be able to produce nice smooth connections to leaders, swivels, split rings, hooks, lures etc. No more messy setup with frayed line spliced out in all directions. Surely, with all the promises made by the junk currently on the market, you're a bit skeptical - so don't take our or Pitbull Tackle's word for it - check out the video below and watch as the presenter makes effortless cuts through different types and sizes of braid.

  • Designed specifically for braided line
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Comfortable, secure grips
  • Hinged closure
  • Fit in pocket
  • Cut any strength of braided line
  • NOT designed for any other type of fishing line or wire leaders

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